Letter From a Maiden to Her love

Bleeding with Love

With notes of love I send you these greetings

On this chilly day which makes plenty quivering

This passion unebbing since the day of first meetings

Space and emptiness won't dare its confounding

I love you with the depth all the oceans envy

Like the breath of the skies, I have offered so openly

So pristine as the morning dew caressing so freely

A love that lives on till it rests in eternity.

Now the days are as cold as December

The nights have become even longer than forever

But still I wait every day by the harbor

Yearning to see you come home from yonder

I'm writing this letter and sending it to you

With the dearest plea that you read it as true

Enclosed with this envelope is my precious love,

And the fervent wish that someday you write back.

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Kristi Myer's picture

I really like this one. I can close my eyes and imagine her standing at the harbor, looking out at sea in anxiety. You're very good.