Love Perfection

Lying right beside you

Listening to your heartbeat

I stopped in amazement

At the sight of you

Your features were so close

So handsome in peaceful slumber

Your lashes lay there innocent

Your lips begging for a gentle kiss

I gazed breathlessly

I didn't want to wake you

Your faint smile was too serene

Too unbearable at its idleness

There I lay beside you

I was held in your arms

Your arms strong enough to lift me

Yet gentle enough to caress me

I looked closer without word

Your skin, your hair,

Your brow, your chin

Your sweet, sweet neck

All your imperfections

They were perfect in my eyes

Everything about you was that in my eyes

It made me shiver in awe

I love you

I realize this time and time again

Every little detail of you

Every little action and word

I love you

As you lay there sleeping

I fell deeper in love

In the silence of our bedroom

As the realization drives me insane

I delve deeper into a sense of ecstacy

At the thought of my belonging to you

And a sweet smile spread through my face

Your warmth was enough to liven me

Your presence was enough to make me whole

And even in your slumber I am high

And slowly you awake, I am high

As you wake, you look at me

Your anxious stare melting my soul

And then we move closer till our lips touch

And together, we journey.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I actually spent time on this one, wow...

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Afzal Shauq's picture

when the second missing part is meet suddenly, the completion occurs as you expressed in your poem but with a new the idea and say well done dear friend...