You may never know

For I will simply lie

I'll deny my thoughts of you

'Till the day I die

I will always love you

This is ever true

Through the years our lives move on

And yet you never knew

You are in my memory

My heart will hold you dear

My body craves you like a drug

I always want you near

You might never notice

And I might never tell

But this won't stop my love for you

No matter how loud you yell

You are very dear to me

Even if I'm not to you

So I'll continue with this secretly

And you will never have a clue

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Original version dated January 2007.

This poem is soooo Mazen-like. lmao (jp)

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bendergender's picture

I would lose stanza four and condense it down.It seems to weak to matter and think the poem would read better without it. Only an opinion though and still enjoyed your message of secret love. Cheers.

Andrew Phillips's picture

I thought it was only the guys who feel this way.....very nicely done! -Andrew