Pixie Dust

It was like a dream

It started with the sunshine

Lightly brushing my skin

Then it tiptoed down my chest

And through my soul

Going further

The next was the sweetest sensation

Known to all humanity

The pounding of my heart

The musical melody

Running through my body

Circulating in my veins

The fresh scent of morning

Through my nostrils

Filling my lungs with life

Followed by the gentle breeze

Tickling my spine

Caressing my body

The soft kisses of the day

Envigorating my skin

Telling me that this is reality

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Random. If it makes sense to you, yay! If not, oh well.

I guess you could turn that into a whole metaphorical poem relating to sex.

HAH-HAH. Please do critique!

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it was boredom. yes.

Everything can be solved with the perfect mixture of puppies and kittens.