We Are Who We Are (with music)

We are who we are

Our thoughts that linger

Our sorrows that consume us

Our dreams that cover our fear

We are our past

Our present that challenges

Our future that will free us

Our lives from now till the end

[repeat stanza 1 and 2]


No matter where we go

No matter what we do

We are our own souls

We are who we are forever…


Through the darkness

Through the joys in our lives

Through the pain that thrives

And happiness that come and go

All the memories

Be it happy ones

Be it sad and with despair

They are still a part of us

[repeat stanza 3 and 4]

[repeat chorus]


Author's Notes/Comments: 

**Tribute to "The House Of The Spirits." Performed by Jasmin and me. Music by my boyfriend =]

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at least we had guts to sing

Everything can be solved with the perfect mixture of puppies and kittens.