I await

Morning comes

And then I shiver

Thinking of you

Makes me quiver

Not in a bad way

Never, no

Always with a smile,

I tell you so

Then I gently take a step

On the carpet by the bed

Then I wander by the door

Slightly waking in my head

Then the day comes out again

Playing, teasing without end

Leading me to joys unknown

Soaring till my heart mend

Then I see you in the sunlight

Then we do our little dance

Then I kiss you dear and gently

We set off for great romance

And then the day is over

And then you have to go

So then I say sweet dreams my love,

I'll await again tomorrow

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Fun, fun, fun!

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Bryan Adam Tomimbang's picture

Well, you seem so eager about it! :)