Let Me...

Let me learn how to love they way I want to

Don't push me too hard...

I'll just fly away...

Let me learn how to speak for myself

Do not put words in my mouth...

I am old enough to know what I claim to know

Let me be free if I want to

If you keep me trapped in a cage,

I'll just die in depression...

Let me love you in my own time

If I'm not ready,

I'm not ready...

Let me discover my own weaknesses

Don't throw them to my face.

I do not wish for you to find them out...

Let me be sad when I want to be

Don't force me to be happy,

I'll just keep my pain bottled inside 'till I collapse...

Let me be happy if i want to be happy

Don't ruin my day

Happiness is rare in my life...

Let me cherish you if I want to

Don't push me away,

I'll just break into pieces...

Let me go if it's over

Don't remain haunting my dreams

I'm already too hurt when I'm awake...

Let me rejoice when I feel like it

Why bother killing me inside?

Don't you think I've suffered enough?

Let me write what I want to write

Just leave me with my own thoughts

I'll let you write what you want to write too

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The year of boy issues *sigh*

Everything can be solved with the perfect mixture of puppies and kittens.