What the Heart Cannot Say Itself

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What is in a poem?

Is it simply words written in paper?

Is it only written words that rhyme?

Or is it something different?

Why do we say that roses are red?

Why do we still state that violets are blue?

Why, when we most certainly know that they really are?

How can poets relate this to something as sweet as you?

How can people come up with such poems?

Is it from a mere feeling of wanting to do so?

Or a burning desire to express oneself?

Or is it a buried feeling deep within one's heart screaming to be freed?

What is in a poem?

Is it simply phrases that sound right?

Or is it a simple story?

A story of what's deep inside your heart?

Have you ever wondered why people make poems?

Don't you think it's because they really want to say something?

Perhaps it's because in poetry they can relate what they really feel?

Perhaps, it's a sign of reaching out and telling the world what the heart cannot say itself?

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it's a dear diary entry that I loved.

Everything can be solved with the perfect mixture of puppies and kittens.