The Story Of a Girl Named Mika

Dear Diary

Sometimes things don’t go the way they’re supposed to be. You just don’t know when you’re going to fail or succeed. Many are controlled by pain and fear, while some may seem perfect, but deep inside they’re as weak and helpless as an infant without its mother. Sometimes, you may think you have it all but then, somehow you still feel that something is missing, like a faint call haunting you every second of your life.

Sadness is a powerful negative energy that corrupts the mind and body causing it to be weak and fragile. To be free from sadness, we need other’s help for us to keep holding on. It is best to let things out instead of keeping all your pain and misery bottled up inside. Sometimes, when there is too much pain inside your heart, it is possible for you to break down.

Mika Mae is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Fuentez. Even as a child, Mika was forced to face the public. “Mika smile to the camera!” that’s what she usually hears. Her father, Mr. Ruben Fuentez is the governor of their town, her mother, Mrs. Jennelynn Carolle Fuentez, is a well-known painter in their country, and her younger brother, Ricky Fuentez, is a really talented cartoonist even at his young age of ten. Mika herself is a famous novelist, a well-known singer, a professional actress, and an owner of a high-class restaurant. Who would ever think that she was only fourteen? Because of her family’s popularity, it is not new to her that many people want to know her, want her to sign autographs, be her friend, et cetera, et cetera, just to share her fame.

Her childhood friend, Kimberlyn Anne Thomson, was the only person she considered her true friend. They’ve known each other since they were in second grade. Back then, they both dreamed of becoming famous in the field of acting but unfortunately, Mika was the only one who managed to pursue this dream because at that time, she was already known as a model for children’s magazines.

Mika was a cheerful kid. She always smiles at anyone she sees. Many adored her because she was so cute under that brilliant smile. Obviously, because of her parent’s publicity, she and her brother were forced to watch their manners and to have a good profile as well. Even as children, they were already famous for some of their talents and were obliged to join workshops to enhance their abilities.

Mika’s day-to-day life was so hectic and she was really under pressure- studies, acting, singing, managing the restaurant, and oh! Don’t forget her publishing deadlines. Pretty tough huh? Oh well, if you were some ordinary person you’d just freak out, right? But Mika? No. All she’ll do is just smile and everything would seem to be so easy. Well, at least that’s what everybody else thinks.

Sometimes, when she has some free time, she just stays inside her room all alone. Nobody bothers her or even notices what she does there because all of them have careers of their own.

“All I want is to be happy!”

Yup, she cries a lot when she’s in her room. Can’t imagine someone so perfect like her crying huh? Well, at least no one ever notices that.

Actually, Mika was already used to shedding of tears, losing friends, and heartbreaks. Well, since she has a rich family, it is most likely for them to travel a lot. When Mika Mae was just nine months old, she and her parents traveled to Hawaii and was to stay there for six years. She started her career when she was just two years old. Life for her back then was all right and easy. Sometimes the only things that get in her way are some photo shoots and guest appearances.

A year after, when Mika was three years old, her parents came home with something that she thought was a doll. January 23, 1994, Ricky Fuentez was born. Mika enjoyed playing with him during her free time. She couldn’t wait for him to grow up and learn to walk.

At age five, Mika Mae started to go to school. Since she grew up and learned her first words in a place where people speak English all the time, she was really good in speaking the language- even if she was a natural born Filipino. Kindergarten was really easy for her. She managed her schedule quite well. She had school in the morning, modeling and interviews in the afternoon, and studied her lessons at night.

Since at that time she was already a famous model of children’s magazines, she was so popular among her kindergarten classmates. She always managed to smile to everybody and she treated all of them as her friend. Because of this, everybody liked hanging around with her- even the other students who were twice her age. Mika didn’t really mind the crowd. Back then, she just seemed so focused on her studies. She was a pretty bright kid. Even if she was so busy, she still manages to get top scores on every subject. Though at school, recess was her favorite activity. Well, eating wasn’t really what she liked most. For Mika Mae, recess was playtime, playtime with her two friends: Kristine Kae Richerds and Frank Andrew Golde.

Kristine was a pretty Filipino-American girl. She was so energetic and loved to play- especially on the monkey bars. Frank, on the other hand, was the opposite of Kristine Kae. He was the type of guy who enjoyed the peacefulness of the morning. Like Mika, he too was of pure Filipino blood. The three of them get along quite well. Even if they have only a few things in common, they still manage to have a lot of fun whenever they’re together.

“Hey Mika, do you have any plans this afternoon?”

“Well actually Kae-Kae, I think I have another one of those interviews.”

“But Mika, it’s Kristine’s birthday today. Can’t you just turn it down? Just for today? And maybe when it’s my birthday? Please?” protested Frank.

“Oh, yeah… I…” gasped Mika.

“But Frank, it’s okay… You know how hard it is for her to keep on turning down offers just to spend time with us right? Mika doesn’t have to come if she’s busy,” answered Kristine.

“Yeah, you’re right Kae-Kae… I’m sorry for yelling Mika.” sighed Frank.

“Hmmm… well, I do have something to do this afternoon but, come to think of it, I guess I can make it…” then Mika took her cell phone out of her bag and dialed her manager’s number. “Wait a sec. ok? I’ll just talk to my manager…” announced Mika while moving back a few steps away from Kae-Kae and Frank. “Hello? Mister Maxelle? Yah, it’s me, Mika Mae. Uhmm… do I still have some time to visit my friend’s house this afternoon before the interview? Really? How long? Three and a half hours? Oh yes, to Kae-Kae’s house. Aha, it’s her birthday. Yeah? You’re going to drive me there after we buy her a present? Oh yes, yes, thanks! Bye” then Mika put her phone inside her bag, approached Frank and Kristine with a smile, and said, “Well, it turns out… we got three and a half hours to party! Isn’t that great Kae?! And you know what guys? My manager said that before we head to your place Kae, we’re going to stop by a store to get you a present!”

“Wow Mika, thanks! It’s so nice of you to do that for me. I’m glad I have you and Frank as my best friends…”

“Well, that’s what friends are for, right Frank?” smiled Mika.

“Right.” agreed Frank.

Mika’s life was so peaceful back then. She was always happy. Those were the most beautiful days of her life. After six years in Hawaii, Mika Mae had to go back to the Philippines with her family just as planned before. She didn’t get to finish her first grade of school there but she did manage to get 99 correct answers on a 100-item CAT exam…

The moment they arrived in the Philippines, some of her relatives were waiting for them. They stayed in her Grandmother’s house since her own house was still occupied by tenants. She had a lot of fun there because she didn’t have to go to some interviews or photo shoots while she was there.

As soon as the tenants found another place to live in, she and her family moved back to their own house. Mika started school at once. Lucky for her she was accelerated to second grade instead of making her repeat her unfinished first grade from the beginning. There she first met Kimberlyn Ann. They graduated together and even went in the same high school together.

High school was pretty challenging for Mika. She joined theater arts and choir. She met a lot of new friends and got an increasing number of fans. On her second year in high school, she was pretty stable. Instead of joining theater arts and choir again, she joined journalism and photojournalism in scouting. Well, she was the only photojournalist in scouting since nobody paid much attention to photography but her.

It was in her second year in high school when she experienced the most extreme happenings in her life. Some best friends betrayed her trust and friendship, and she cried a lot, and her schedule was getting more complicated. Since she was so popular, she had a number of admirers but none of them had the guts to approach her. Mika didn’t seem to care much either. She was more focused on her studies and in her career to pay attention to that.

It was Valentines Day and Mika was the only one without a date. Not that no body asked her out, she just didn’t find someone she liked to date on that day. Then Adrian, a student two batches behind her, came up to her with a bouquet of roses. Mika accepted them but she didn’t want to go out with him. She just didn’t like Adrian because he was so irresponsible and the fact that she was two batches his senior was a good enough reason for her to reject him. Well, actually, Mika was secretly waiting for someone to come and ask her out that’s why she didn’t say yes to anybody yet.

She waited and waited but Kenny didn’t ask her out. So she just remained there without a Valentine. She thought that Kenny didn’t care for her… so she just kept it all inside. But she was lonely. Somehow, she felt something really important was missing in her life even you might say she had it all… She just felt this deep loneliness bruising her soul but she didn’t know what it was that can cure her.

It was seven years already since Mika arrived to the Philippines from Hawaii and she had to go and travel abroad again. She was so lonely in an unexplainable way. She was hoping for something to happen, for someone to come and cheer her up, but she didn’t know who and what to expect or hope for…

It was March 25, two days before her departure. Still she had mixed emotions. What was it that she needed? What in the world could make a perfect girl like her want something more? What? Questions filled up her head and she was beginning to get desperate. Then on the night before she left, Kenny visited her and confessed his feelings.

It turned out that Kenny was in love with her all along but was just too shy to approach her. Mika soon felt that the vast emptiness inside her heart was fading away. She felt happy and complete in a weird way, something that she never experienced before. Then finally she knew what she needed… All this time, these 14 years of her life, she was popular and rich and intelligent, but she was alone. Her family had careers of their own for them to even bother. Nobody ever listened to her before. Kimberlyn was just there for playtime, so as with her other friends, and most of them just hanged around with her to share her fame… but this one thing, this one simple thing that she needed all along was love. Love and attention, not the kind of attention that you get when you’re popular, the kind and intimate attention shared by people who care for each other. And Kenny was the only person who made her realize that she was loved.

Sometimes, fame and glory isn’t enough for us to survive. Sometimes even a simple hello and pat on the back can make a difference. So now, even if Mika Mae and Kenny are apart, in their hearts they are united and happy. Though bruised by the past, Mika is still holding on because she knows that someone cares for her… not only Kenny, but her friends, all of them, and even her family.

Now Mika Mae is living in London. Again, another six years should pass before she could return to her country and see Kenny, but still she is confident and happy. Those weeping-inside-her-room-days are over. Even her acting, singing, writing, and cooking skills improved. And now she has her own radio program where she gives out advices to those who were like her before who were seeking that something in life that was more important than rich or fame. Love… it’s a powerful thing. You just have to realize it.

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