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The world is always a mess... chaos here and there... I mean, how can you possibly create peace if there is war even among us? You cannot create peace with killing people! Another thing, when will people realize that no matter what the heck religion/faith/beliefs/whatsoever you got... YOU ARE STILL HUMAN?!!!! It's all the same, wake up people! Fighting for nothing! man!I believe that I can make a difference in this world, I know that everything that is happening to me now has a reason... I am Catholic, a religious one too... though I know how to balance faith, reality, and what's obviously a fact. See, I've studied all sorts of religions... and one thing I've noticed is: every religion believes that there is a creator of man and that man should worship that being, and no matter what they call it, God, Lord, Christ, Buddha, Allah.... etc., etc., etc.... it is all the same!! Some religions may have different practices then the rest though look and see... "they all have the same basics"-Ms. Butman. I may be wrong though... think... "peace begins in you" and if you yourself are unaware of what is right in front of you, you will forever be engulfed by such terrible reasonings. It's ok to be religious and believe in your own thing... though think, respect those others too. Bottom line is: who cares if you're Jewish or Catholic or Buddhist or Muslim or Baptist or Orthodox.... (too many religions out there... hahah) you're still human, we all look human, all with the same features, we just simply have to understand that war is pointless if that is the cause...Why is it that most Catholics say that Muslim people are mean and vise versa? I mean... there's no point... not everyone is the same and think, if you think it that way that a person is bad just because they don't have the same beliefs as you do... then, aren't you yourself as evil?I've got nothing against any religion... I may be young but I'm open-minded enough to realize all these things. See it helps that my father is a "you-know-what" here... I get to see how other religions practice their faith. I've attended mass with Baptist and another thingy like it (man, can't remember... starts with an "M" I know this!! think Jackie!) and basically, they're all the same... I've passed by Muslim and Buddhist temples/churches when I was young and same thing... yeah, I guess there's some difference... others bow down, kneel, stand, sing, meditate... still, think! It's almost the same thing, it's just done and said differently...

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it's a lil bit sad.

Everything can be solved with the perfect mixture of puppies and kittens.