Corruption of the Mind

Dear Diary

I believe that....The corruption of the mind is the most horrific of all horrible aspects of life. Once a pure soul is unclean, it can never be completely purified once more. Once the mind gets too confident of itself, there is no stopping it, that's why the downfall is too harsh and it stabs the owner so deeply. A poor little soul cannot escape tragic death of a once clean heart... for the mind is stong indeed. Once inflicted my monstrous ailments it can no longer be cured... it will be contaminated with those thoughts for life, though even if you try to rid them off, there will always be a tiny part that will stay, and as those tiny specs compress... the mind gets overcrowded with fear, anger, lust, doubt, hatred... I for one states that the only way to pure divinity is through the closure of all sources of unclean infections... though to do that, once must not have contact to the outside world, which sums up to- there is no way... Indeed correct me if I am wrong though before you do, stop and think... I am just stating my opinion which I am most freely to do...

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Corruption of the Mind

First I would like to say that I understand the premise of this poem...Your first words ARE, ** I believe that **..and as anyone would know we all have the right to *believe* whatever we choose..The phrase- "once a pure soul is unclean,it can never be completely purified once more"...makes me think of sins,blemishes,crimes, corruption.etc...some things just can't be *erased* from a mind,a soul, a life,..kind of like a stain no matter how hard you scrub, no matter how good your intentions it will just not go away..That is my interpretation of this poem...I could be wrong but as you say **I am only stating my oppinion which I am most freely to do.**lol..I enjoyed the read....keep it up......raven_hair

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but even then I was blind

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