Dear Diary

Every single person on this earth wants all their wishes to come true... but think first for a while, what if every single wish on this earth does come true? Won't the world be in chaos? See, for example, let's say you wish to be with this person... and let's say that that person that you want to be with wants to be with someone else... and both of you wish for your wishes to come true... What do you think will happen if those wishes were to be granted?

That such thing may be possible but it isn't proper... that's why sometimes you just have to let go and think of others first... You'll be happier if you're already content in what you have now... Expecting too much will only lead  to disappointment and sorrow, and relying too much on your wishes to come true would not do you that much good...

I am not saying for you to not have anything to hope for at all, I am just telling you to think first before you make a move, and never give a hundred percent of your whole self to it because if you do, you'll be shattered like glass when you get hurt...

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so true. that's awesome.