Pretty Flower

I found a pretty flower

It was so pretty indeed

I looked at all its petals

To satisfy my need

I found another flower

More closer than the other

I started to like the second flower

Way more than the other

Like a bee i flew again

Back and forth with no end

Flower to flower

Choosing this first or the other

I knew that only one could exist

But still I still persist

That both of them I'll miss

I like both and I can't resist

So I took the pretty flowers

I looked at them and started to wonder

What would happen if I choose one over the other?

Will the other flower even bother?

Now I sat to think

In misery I started to sink

For I really liked both of them

Though I know only one could win

I thought and thought and thought

Which flower was best for me?

I thought I picked and made a final decision

Yet there still was no end to my mission

So I picked both the flowers

Yet the other bees came closer

"You can not have two flowers"

"You have to choose one over another"

I don't know what I will do

I like them both, I really do

Though do these flowers have any clue?

That I'm here torn in two...

Which one shall I discard?

Which one shall I take?

What if I pick this one over that,

Won't the other one break?

Poor little flowers

I can't have both and now I wonder

What if I pick this flower,

What would happen to the other?

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at least I got paid to write poems. haha

Everything can be solved with the perfect mixture of puppies and kittens.