Like Snow

Dear Diary

All people are pure when they are born... just like the first fall of snow... all white, pure and clean.. untouched and pretty... though as cars come passing by, splashing dirty water on the snow, the snow turns dirty and impure and messy, no longer as pretty as it was before when it first touched the earth's soft skin...

Just like the human's innocence... once exposed to the real world outside of their comfy little houses, their pure little minds get covered with little specs of dirt.. and as life goes on and on, the pure white snow will turn into pure mud-dirty and unlikeable...

The contamination of the mind with impure thoughts and doings, the intoxication of absolute divinity with madness, will destroy every single human on earth... leaving no mercy unless it all stops-which is impossible to do once it's already present in your system.

The only way is to prevent it from happening... though doing that will prevent you from learning anything... that's why you just have to take a dive and sacrifice your untouched soul... in order for you to grow...

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