A Not Regretful Soul

Dear Diary

People are never truly happy? it is like finding true love, believing in it, and later on... loosing it. People are never contented with their lives, always seeking more than what they already have, which causes them to grieve... and grieve some more...

They may not notice it their selves but little by little, their hearts are being shredded in thousands of tiny pieces of sorrow... yes, people are blind... they always look thousands of miles away instead of just stepping back a bit and realizing what's in front of them... screaming for their attention... though people are deaf...

All they know is their own little selfish desires. What if one day they just let things go? What if they loosen up their grip somehow? And what if they think first before acting? Then, hopefully, people won't have any regrets at all... then hopefully someday, people would learn how to live a happy and contented life... with a whole, healthy heart, and an not regretful soul...

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deep thoughts at a young age

Everything can be solved with the perfect mixture of puppies and kittens.