Would You?

Dear Diary

Time flies huh? When was the last time you fell down from the slides? Played hide and seek with your playmates? When was the last time you ran to your mommy because you had a nightmare? When?

Then again, would you really like to go back? Back to the time when you still believed in fairies and monsters beneath your bed? Back to the time when everything in the world was either scary or fun? Back to the time when there were no worries... just play, and sleep, and eat, and play...

Would you like to turn back time and experience being a little kid again? Would you like to change one thing? One simple thing that could've improved your current life? The things you would or wouldn't do?

Or would you like to just run away? Run away like you used to throw tantrums when you didn't get what you wanted... burst out in tears? Escape from it all? Or would you remain obedient to your path?

But even if you chose from those, would it matter? Would anything matter if you knew very well that past is past? No. So then what could you do? Be you. Things happened as they happened to get you where you are...

Now all we have are the priceless memories. Laughter, sadness, childhood. Life lessons from which we can grow from. Improve from. Love from.

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hahaha. just not content with the classic journal-type diary...

Everything can be solved with the perfect mixture of puppies and kittens.