Blue Christmas

Last Christmas I had toys

I've had books, dresses,

Presents, and many more...

This Christmas I had all those

But this Christmas was the worst one

My one wish didn't come true...

This Christmas my only wish

Was not the toys or presents or gifts

But all I wanted was the chance

The chance to hold you

To hug you and touch you

To be in your arms again like we used to...

This Christmas,

It didn't snow..

It was blue, wet with tears...

If there is a God out there

Or if Santa is real

I must have been really bad this year...

I've tried to be nice,

To be good and give advice

Though my Christmas wish... I still did not get

I don't care about material things

Nor coats and hats

And diamond rings...

But all I want

Is simply to

Have you and drag me away from the blue...

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most depressing Christmas ever.

Everything can be solved with the perfect mixture of puppies and kittens.