Magnificently Made

People come in different shapes and sizes

Some like secrets while others like surprizes

Some are good

And others are bad,

But each are created

To nourish this land...

Some are great ones who have walked this earth...

Others are simple,

Made humble from birth...

Others are showy,

Some are shy

But do you ever wonder why?

Man is a great creation

Carefully made by God

Some have simple joys,

While others do not

Many are great

Yet only few are known...

'Cause magnificently made,

Is man alone...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem was one of my projects in Homeroom. Actually, I just made this up on the spot because I forgot all about it during the weekend. I got nervous because all my poems were about love and friendship and this time I needed something about man... I couldn't think for a while but luckily, I got a 90% for this... heehee!!!

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i forgot we had homework!

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