I was alone, looking at the sky all alone

Wishing there was someone,

Someone out there for me...

I was always lonely

Hidden in this vast world of darkness

A world of emotional illusions,wanting to be free...

I can see the light, the happy, pleasant light

I reached for it, but I failed

I just wanted to be happy...

For just a single moment in my life,

But this chance was lost, ran away, and stayed hidden,

Hidden from me...

But I'll never give up, I'll ry to reach for the light again...

Even if I don't know when I'll succeed

This loneliness bugs me, eats me, hates me...

I simply want to be free!

Soon I'll be, I know I will,

And then I'll be happy,

Happy and free...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this poem during some time that me and my best friend had a fight... I just couldn't get over it, so, I just wrote everything I felt and it turned out that I just created a new poem! Great, huh? (",)

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kat's picture


I have been reading some of your poems, and so far, I think
this one is the best.
Keep up the good work.