This is why we hate each other

This is why we cannot be together

This is why we can't stop back-stabbing...


You have scarred me,

I have scarred you

Deeply broken by each other's words

We are nothing with each other

We do not belong together

We cannot linger in each other's arms for a second

You are gone

I am gone

We are lost

Lost forever


We are trash

Left with nothing

We're to blame

You have destroyed me

I have destroyed you

You hate me

I hate you


We will never be the same

We will never smile again

Not to you, not to me

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I liek this poem
And if u ever feel, add me to Yahoo,

Vampires dont have to go without seeing the sun. Psi vampires(energy vamps) can go in the sun whenever and however long, sanguinarius vampires(blood vamps)can be in the sun 29 minutes at a time or with ALOT of sunblock. xD i still perfer being outside at night tho