Will They?

They will never understand

Will they?

They will never leave me be

Won't they?

They will simply

Continue living

And continue

Being selfish, right?

They will simply yell

And scream

And find fault

In everything I do.

They will never understand

No, they never will get it

Why I act

The way I act.

They will never know

Will they?

Why I do

The things I do.

They will never understand

Will they?

Why I am

Who I chose to be.

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Bryan Adam Tomimbang's picture


And that's right. Just simply be; don't let conformity nor outsiders drive your every action and thought. You have my moral support.

Dez H's picture

i'm just guessing, but is this about your parents? it's sad isn't it, they should be the ones that know us the best, but even if their intentions are good, they can't let us live our own lives and be that person inside of us that is dying to get out.... cool poem, i like all of your stuff a lot.