attempmting an explination

best work

theres no way i could show you

what you truely mean to me

no way to tell you

or way to make you see

the bond we have is amazing

ive never felt a feeling so strong

i would die and even live for you

one thought of you makes my heart burst into song

theres no way to prove how much i love you

or to show you what i mean

all i can do is live life with you

and let my love be seen

i cant compare you to anything

everything falls drastically short

i cant even say your and angel

cause that would make a fallacy of this report

no song poem or sonnet

comes close to your outstanding grace

or even holds a candle

to the smile on your face

your the only one id ever trust

to watch my back in a fight

to cover me in a combat situation

and to hold me through the night

Author's Notes/Comments: 

this is for my fience sarah i hope you like this one baby i love you more than you knw.....p.s i know my spelling sucks DEAL WITH IT

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