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What is in a kiss

In the physical realm all a kiss amounts to is a bonding of the lips for a brief moment. So what makes our minds preemulate over something so trivial? In the emotional realm, a kiss can be a bonding of the souls or a sign of love. A single kiss can bring happiness into the most discouraging of situations. Anything from a death or a fight to an arguement or even just a plain out feeling of hopelessness. And further a kiss can totally change your attitude even after the most destroying of days. When your distraught or just plain out mad at the world, you feel a sence of calming knowing that someone cares for you enough to try and make you feel better, or show that they love you. In reality a kiss is only a sign of affection, but when you love someone like i do, it's more than just that, It's a way of saying "I Love You" without accually having said it. which is great if you havent been going out long.

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i hope you like this little bit of insight

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very interesting and concept overwhelming, I really like this!