i know you know pt.1

best work

                                                     for dana

i sit and wait

till i see you again

but thats gonna be a while

because i m not dead

your sister is fine

i know you know

im jelouse as hell

but that i wont show

as long as shes happy

thats all that i care

shes lucky and im happy for them

though my words and actions dont compare

you know i love you both

if not now more than ever

but i had to be dumb

there shouldnt have been any other

i cant help but feel

that your death was my fault dear

i know i couldnt do anyting

but i feel that if i could youd be here

your ashes within glass containers

make me feel defeated

i shouldve tried to set you free

now my faiths retreated

all i can think about with you was our life

poetry, science, and grammar alike

you always smiled never showed any fear

the last day i saw you, you smiled and dissapered

when i found out from the messenger

the day after you died

i damn near killed him on the spot

but i just hid out and cried instead

Dana you owned my heart

i know you know

i wanted to end it all to see you again

but i know how eternity goes

just to see you one more time

living and happy again

i would give up eveything

i still love you my friend

i sit and stare at the moon

and hope that your ok

if not please tell me

or at least try to find a way

my dreams are always open

just wake me up right away

theni'll remember your words

and show happiness throughout my day

to be continued

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Dana Nobles was my favorite person in the whole world. she died in Phoenix AZ on july 6th 2003 in a car accident.
her family is taking it pretty well cincidering. and Lynne, her mom, is like a mom to me. Dana is chanels sister.

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