The River

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you thought you could get away

with all your grimy sins

perhaps you thought there's no god

perhaps you think there is

either way

it's a lone, cold fall

and the river is just a mouth

she opens wide

she's selling secrets inside

are you willing to pay the price?


put you back to the wall my brother

put your back to the wall my friend

put you face to the river

she opens wide to let you in

every damn day is a long damn day

but the river has no fears

whether she eats

today or tomorrow

or fasts for a hundred years


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Beatnik1979's picture


this your first poem on Here?

a bloody good one ,too.....I may add.

there is some powerful stuff here...

the river can cleanse every sin.

you watch what could have been a problem 

go tits up , and say blub blub bulb