Seasons come and go,

But the earth abides forever –

As aged as the gods

That cradle her

In their trembling palms


So in the world,

Men come and go,

Burnt out from their lust

For the earth,

Faint from their struggles

With the gods.

Yet some find wisdom

To stamp their shaky feet

Deep in the sands of time.

And so shall this ivory me abide

When I’m gone,

To whisper to my posterity

The woes of our time.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Time may really not permit us to speak of how dangerously we live; how feverishly this transient life passes.Time may not permit us to speak very much. So, one of the greatest legacies anyone can bequeat his or her coming generation is a relic: a telltale to posterity of all our tears, fears, pains, adversities, and of course, laughter.

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"Yet some find wisdom To

"Yet some find wisdom To stamp their shaky feet Deep in the sands of time. "  

 Wonderful, I enjoyed this poem immensley. And those lines hi-lighted above are picture perfect. 

Thank you for posting. 


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So heart-warming to read from

So heart-warming to read from you. Thanks.