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Nashville, TN

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I'm starting to write my poems in Microsoft word, and then just copy and paste on here please don't get mad at me for doing that . I rather hag out with girls because my whole family are girls guys can be ass holes and girls will let me express my self most of the time. and thanks to the people that support me on here. I'll write you a poem about anything just PM me and let me know if it's about someone or if it's for someone, and no I wont charge you, I've wrote poems for girls to ask them out or to tell them how important they are to me and the poems made them cry. I might charge when I'm older, and have a bank account, but if you feel like you have to pay me some way just write up lifting things on my poems I post. :) THANKS AGAIN TO THE PEOPLE THAT WROTE ALL THE UP LIFTING THINGS THEY DID.

Im also 15 and trying hard to stay up there.

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Ummm… I have one like every body else. doesn't ever one have a belly button. but ok. my belly button is an inne and I sweets all day long.

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playing xbox 1, hanging with anyone that will hang with me, caring for wild life, and talking to girls. I like writing song lyrics and listening to music like rap M'n'M and people like that.


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