Simple... never a much a wish is to posses...Courage I need, Unless!

Wish a wish to wish as your wish
Just a touch of love for yourself as you wish
First think consequences you might have missed
I say learn to be righteous as a lover's kiss
But as you see my wishes have a list
Hopefully I can find the one to assist
After all a wish is grand and full a dream you can't resist
Best make the best one be the one that gets wished
Answer to my wish, still in progress...
But on the way to slay its test I promise
As I will find my loyalty to put my wish to rest
Time is here I see so I may be patient without just a guess
As to answer to your quest of a dreamed wish superior above the rest
I still have to ponder may god help me asses
But still unknown I plead my reasons to bless
Hopefully I commit to the one retrieving no stress
As you must know I compel always to be the best
Assert the right kind of dominance to untangle this mess
But at last I see it reality comes nicely to suture its success
I lay down my regards to pleasing never being careless
For my wish is to offer much for mankind's progress
You see the wish I dress I must confess is a gift of knowledge yes
As I wish sanity to posses all and nothing ever less
As with the world finding peace and finesse
We will all get along from the wish I caress
Please learn a new age of mankind will transgress
And obey giving as the best notion always looking to impress
Now I thank you much to see you have a warming touch
As your wish challenge I enjoyed it such
As peace finds all because love is knowledge in the clutch
As it belongs to be the best quality ever after our mankind bunch
Love, Peace, Sanity for all to keep, easily to reap everlasting glory for all and all to reach as Yes Sanity Is Just Understanding Peace and Love and of course Giving...
As you gave to me the wish first obviously...
I could only return the favor of righteous in honesty...
As all find the way we all call to be properly....
And long shall live all, as we all commit to reach everyone as Family...
Wonderful...I passed my Test!!!

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