Dreaming of Loving, as Loving Dreaming

Dream dream dream with me

Play me a game of catch me

I suture the need of finding thee
As we play away the day today yes farther away i say
We gain trust in the correctly just, our fondness of us
As found yearning our might, nourishing each in good quality alike
Compelling teachings taught and learning learned uplifting us bright
Yes you must agree our beauty lies in our scenes of unpredictability
Holding fascinating always as we team for more unimaginatively
Gaining the righteous nature real definitely caught, we both are bought
Teaming love to concur outstanding much our beauty is now sought
As the God's have noticed us, beautifully they say, this is just
To grow to mature upholding real responsibility to endure
Along with ability to please and concur respectively sincerely 
All along mother earth gazing at the glorious occurring to venture
After all we belong to to each other, with never-ending wonder
As I have strong will power to stand tall
Enabling knowledge grand and full
Learn to possess good nature
Love come suture
Yes nurture

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