fallen on the feild

on an ocean of green

with tides of red

i fall to the ground

amongst the dead

rolling to search

the darkend sky

i wonder when

it'll be my turn to die

looking onword

for the heavanly wise

but no such beings

grace my darkening skys

i slowly allow the

closing of my eyes

and as my heart

slows in pace

i sudenly see

her beautiful face

her furrowd brow

and tearing eyes

looking angirly twords

my darkening sky

and it is then that i know

for whom i must not die

i open my eyes

to see

bright blue skys

before me

as my heart

gains in pace

i fell the blood

that stains my face

i look about

my comrades all

preparing to flee

so it is my enamy

that now sarounds me

my grip on my axe

it starts to tighten

as i rise to

join the fighting

my look must

be frightening

for all around me

they stop fighting

and as i yell

my battle cry

those around me

start to die

i swing my axe

with years of skill

all before me

it will kill

i put at least

ten to the ground

then they move

and try to saround

they close in on

me from behind

they are waiting

for me to weaken

they are waiting

for a sighn

they find no opening

for an attack

for no man is left

to my back

i become a

crimson mass of

flailing furry

away from me

they all hurry

and as the blood mist

around me calms

i see my comrades

standing strong

and we won the battle

in this way

and latter they

all would say

that i arose

from death that day

my eyes glowing red

with hells fire

and that i was

filled with bloodlust

a killing desire

and that the only reson

that i escaped

those horrid fates

is becouse

i sent enough

souls to take my place

Author's Notes/Comments: 

this is the longest poem i have writen in a long time and as with all my stuff it needs some work but i like it like it is so it probably wont get the work that it needs

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Colin "Satyr" McNamara's picture

tons of good images in this... and I enjoy the epicness... and I wouldn't say there's really anything wrong with it at all except a few spelling errors. Aside from that... it kicks ass