invaders from the sea

Peaceful village by the shore

when raiders land will be no more

the villagers hear a mighty horn

as invaders attack the land where they were born

these people attack their fathers land

so on the shore they make their stand

with ancestral weapons so old

it had been lifetimes

since wielded by men so bold

the beastial men fight

with sword and axe so sharp

but the villagers fight with all their heart

they fight to defend their home

and at first they hold their own

but with the steady sound of a drum

they see through the fog that more ships come

and knowing then what their fate would be

they divide and some of them flee

and those that remained formed a line

no longer fighting for their lives but for time

the rest fled but not for lack of faith

but to keep their families safe

while down on the beach

the defenders line broke

compared to the growing forces

their numbers were a joke

they all died there on that shore

defending their home

they couldn't have given more

the other men waited

in their houses and in the street

but the invading forces would slay them

where ever they'd meet

in the distance they saw

the women fleeing with children in tow

but compared to the men on their horses

they were too slow

those they didn't kill they kept for slaves

and they felt no sarrow for these are their ways

dead bodies washed away with the tide

evil has landed theirs no place to hide

a burning village by the shore

only a warning for there will be more

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kerry's picture

I like this one a lot - you know how to tell a good, and important, tale.