An Idiot's Idiom

Deep, woe is me songs

Mama never said that this was wrong

I'll just put on a face

Enough hate for the entire human race

Remember how it was

When we flew high above

We never spoke of peace

Because we're both far from doves

You are a wolf

I am a sheep

We are ascending smoke

Far from home

It make's me want to weep

Does it matter where we are?

The grass is never far

The sidewalk looks a little beat

The song seemed so deep

When there was no reality

we played it on repeat

You took my skin and wore it yourself

Just for a bit I found myself

Hanging from your shoulders

Dragging my feet because I forgot how to use them

Whispering in your ear

how very upset I would be 

without my wool 

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deepinyourdreams's picture

Nicely written......I've seen

Nicely written......I've seen sheep with no wool..."it ain't pretty!"


Incompl's picture

Thank you

Hahaha! Indeed, it isn't.

Let your teeth show