Princess it’s kinda ironic of me to call you princess saying you’re a guy.


But you sure act more like a princess then prince.


A bratty princess at that.




Honey a headache really that’s why you had to come home from work?


That’s why you had to act like an immature kid nagging at all of us.


What did we do breathe to loud?


Oh, I’m sorry ill work on being quieter when breathing.




Don’t you realize that you don’t rule the world?


I mean honestly, I’m tired of you and your ego.


Can you open your eyes for a minute!


Just open them!


Guess what you’ll see people tip toeing around you afraid of setting you of.


They treat you like a bomb there waiting for you to go off again.


Don’t you realize what you broke last time you went off.




One-day people are just gonna stop tip toeing around you.


They’ll tell you how they feel.


But until then let’s all make small talk let’s all pretend were fine.


All so you don’t explode!

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If only there were cameras

If only there were cameras everywhere oh wait there is. Dont forget your responsibility while lamenting your curses as the things will make you strong and resilient and is a gift a lump of coal hiding a diamond. Guess which you are now? ;) 

Don't let any one shake your dream stars from your eyes, lest your soul Come away with them! -SS    

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