you have done this


Walk away bitch


no one is gonna miss you


 sorry if the truth hurts but I thought you already knew


you say you love me


but if you loved me would you treat me like shit?


Would you talk bad about me?




Okay I get it your mom so I need to treat you with respect


But how are you my mom and I’m the one who mainly is taking care of you aren’t you supposed to take care of me ever?


 And not by always telling me my feelings are wrong.


Bitch my feelings aren’t wrong there my own feelings.


You make me do online school for your own selfish reasons. So, I can take care of you more.


You say bond.


For me it’s just making small talk and tiptoeing around your feeling so I don’t hurt them or cause a fight.




I’m so tired of you treating me like this!


I try to tell you how I feel.


Now I don’t even try to tell you cause I’m so fuckin tired of being told my feelings are wrong.


But don’t worry I know you’ll deny all this.




I’m so fuckin tired you say I’m a bitch but really honey really you’re the one who’s in your 30’s and I’m in my teen years. So really?

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give thoughts tell me if you can relate!

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It is difficult

Raising a parent. Mine, at least, knows I'm the adult

"Music is a universal language and needs not be translated. With it, soul speaks to soul" - Songsterr

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Oml hahahahahahahahaha 

Oml hahahahahahahahaha 

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