I've finally Realized


I've finally realized, I like my life now

I wish I could freeze, but theres no way how

I've finally realized, that I am in love

and that this is the best life, that I could think of

I've finally realized, I have all that I need

because I started fresh, like a new seed

over time, and lots of change,

I found the ways, to rearange

I've finally realized, that I'll be okay

I figured out, that this is the day

the day that I realized, that my life is fine

and I'm so glad, that this life is mine.

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Katherine Neitz's picture

I really liked this one. Alot of people feel this way sometime in their life. Where you just don't want the best parts to end. I hope it contuined for you. I see you wrote it a long time ago :)