just playin freestyle


i dont rap for the game

i dont wanna be the same

i just want to make it clear

i aint hear to strike any fear

i just wanna express wut i feel

and try my best to be real

just to spit wut i wanna say

in a straight forward kinda way

and if u dont like i dont give a shit

and i dont care even a little bit

so say and think what u want

but dont get confused by ur own cunt

ur still a bitch if u have a dick

and u dont have to like little boys to be sick

i aint talkin bout michael jackson and the little boy

im talkin bout last night and ur little toy

thats right i get kinda mean

and when u take of ur shirt ur fat dont look lean

because if u diss wut i write

i wont pick a fight

ill just straight up bang u

and then ill straight up hang u

and if ur family try to get me back

ill just add them all to the stack

cuz im like eminem ill diss u back so bad

that everyone will be lauphin

even ur dad

but ur mom will be quite

cuz i put her on a special diet

its all protein for her u see

cuz she likes to beat it with her d's

and dont get me wrong im a nice kinda guy

but even if ur a friend i dont mind sayin bye

but dont worry i wont cry

ill keep all my emotions in

cuz i dont wanna commit any sin

so now ill end this rhyme by saying im just playin

i lied about everythin im sayin

im just messin wit ur head

i would never kill anyone dead

Author's Notes/Comments: 

this is stupid but w/e u know

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