beyond my eyes


he dug his hole like the rest of them,

the air brushed his hair and gave him goosbumps

on his body.

he saw large men, small men, young men

women large and small too,

he kept digging.

hoping that they would not whip him.

knowing that the outcome he could not avoid.

but another thought of his child was well worth it.

as he rememmbered holding him in his arms just days ago.

about kissing his love just days ago.

he closed his eyes to take his last thoughts

to rememmbered sitting at his table with his family

to eating food that tasted so good

with the taste of love and life.

he remmebered the first day he took his child to school.

the first kiss he shared with his wife.

he kept digging and looking around.

he saw his future looking back.

he knew of no more love.

he pushed his thoughts out.

and at that point they could do no more.

some of them were shot into it,

others were pushed,

but he jumped.

in between cold bodies,

he lay.

not moving.

not thinking.

just lay as the oxygen ran out.

and the bodies crushed him to his death.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

5.9 people died while the rest of the world watched the biggest mass murder occur in front of their eyes....the only way to make sure something does not happen again is to keep rememmbering what 6 million people took us to realize...and this next comment has nothing to do with me being jewish...tell me if you caught hitler right now you would not want him get the death for thought....

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