No one ever dies


everytime a leaf slowly falls on to the wet grass,

everytime a star twinkles in the sky,

every second you smile,

every day you open your eyes,

every year another birthday passes by.

every minute you lauph,

everytime you shed just one tear,

every night when you close your eyes,

every second,

every minute,

every single day.

Hes watching you,

as you are watching him,

everytime you pick up a picture,

everytime you say his name,

every second you rememmber the stories he told,

everytime you think about the times you've spent,

the time replays not in your mind,

but in reality.

And everytime you lower your head and cry,

he wishes he could tell you to raise your head,

because there is no reason to be sad.

he will love you for ever,

and he will leave you never.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

a really good band that does not get good enough props is savage garden they have really inspired alot of my writing...this poem is dedicated to everyone who ever gets sad because they think someone left them...and no matter what happens in life memories are always there...special dedication to Charles Smith, my uncle, my grandparents and the Pope(see Im Jewish and still im good like dat lol)

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