A little bit of the little things


how come my heart will beat faster just with one touch,

just to hold the skin that covers the hand,

to feel the beauty beneath

how come I melt just to get a hug,

to feel the warmth of the body on my chest,

to say it will all be ok

and feel the breathing close to me,

to know that ur ok

no matter what or when,

i only know if ur in my arms

just laying next to me,

who knew laying in the bed just talking

would be better than anything else,

who knew that a couple minutes being close

would make my whole day worth it,

and now i sit thinking

that all of it is gone,

and knowing that for now atleast

it all seems done,

knowing that forever it will never be the same,

and knowing that forever it may be a damn shame

knowing that forever in our minds we will replay all the times

when being together was more important than the whole world,

because being together was the whole world,

like the an awesome book that has reached its last page,

or a movie in the last scene

you can always rewatch it,

but you made it only once.

The biggest gift can be the one that hurts the most,

you can't say no when you get it,

and u wish it never left.

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