Just write something


i can't sing

i can't rap

I can't act

I can't draw

I can't even really write

I can only express what I feel

I can only write words that I think

I can't follow a format my teacher tells me

or a handbook trys to make me

I just write wuts in my head

and wut i think about before bed

i dont rhyme every poem

but sometimes i do when im alone

i'll just rhyme a section

and then ill show my affection

and then ill use proper punctuation

and sometimes i'll spell it wrong

but i dont want to be right

i dont want to fight

i dont want to see the future

and i don't want to make sense

I just want to tell u what i think

and i dont care if u care

but i wanna make a dare

for u to think about something

and write something

just say something

a closed mind is a scar for life

Author's Notes/Comments: 

this is crap but wutever lol

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