my Desk


i sit with my notepad in my corner

with the pen behind my ear

my only friend is my cig.

and my only comfort is my tears

i try to think of something to write.

so i have a point in life

because i do

thats what they tell me

they say everyone does.

but i'm stil in my chair

with my pen behind my ear

with the paper wet of salty trickles

and my tears are my only comfort

they say it well help me

i think it will kill me.

now i lay on the floor

next to my desk

gasping for air my arm flows like a river

as my room fills with blood.

my mind travels through my life

one by one erasing my memories

my first love

my first date

my first day of school

my parents

my friends

my life

my future

and then  i realize why i wanted to live

to love.

my eyes close.

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