i thought to deep freestyle


there is not a day that goes bye

that i wish i would not lie

i tell myself that life will get better

but everyday i seem to get sadder

every week that goes by

i break down inside and cry

i wish i could fly

i wish i could die

i wish i could be everything that i fuckin see

and only now

i realize that life is like a 90 degree turn

u start out young and u end up in an urn

no matter how long or how filling

it dont even matter if ur never willing

death will catch up sooner or later

i just hope life wont become fader

but when i get old i still wanna see

wut life has to bring for me

and everyday i sit and i try

to think of the reasons why not to die

why there is any reason to go on

just to have some silly worthless fun

like we fool ourselves over and over again

this shit just gets old man

so i sit everday just thinkin

just sittin and drinkin

till i cant think no more

and slowly i close the door

another day has ended with sleep

another day where i thought to deep

this shit make me crazy

no i dont like u mizz dazy

i just want to blaze

just take a raze

and cut myself

foreget the welf

just end it all

just throw in the ball

just pretend

my life is at the end

like its all byebye now

and i dont know how

this is all a dream

this is all as it seems

goodbye to the earth

hello to a new birth

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im  a crazy white boy

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