you, me and my heart

so theres something about YOU

something i can see

so theres something about YOU

something that says you're for ME

every time YOU look in my eyes i can see forever

every time YOU go away i just cant bare

YOU are perfect for me

so why cant you see

that every thing that YOU can be

is right here with me

YOU make me feel loved

YOU make me feel protected

but what do i make you feel?

do you need ME?

so every time i look into your eyes i feel so amazed

of how i can be with such a great guy

the guy that ive alwayed waited

my heart goes to the beat of yours

you make me feel adored

so will YOU take my hand and never let go?

i just cant live with out YOU

im alive when im around YOU

YOU make my heart feel so warm

with out YOU im torn

so now its just YOU ME and MY HEART

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