im in heaven when im with you

i never felt this before

no one ever made me feel like you do

you sweep me off my feet when im with you

you treat me like a princess

oh god am i dreamin or am i in heaven?!?!

you make me smile like never before

you make me feel your love

you make me want you and need you

your lips are my drug

your hugs are me medicine

im in heaven when im with you

your touch makes me forget about everything

you cuddle me and i feel safe

you kiss me and i dont want to ever stop

im glad im your first true love

im glad that im special to you

im glad that i know that no one will ever feel like you do for me

because  baby i know this love we both have is so pure and real

no one will ever beat

your my heaven

i love you today and for always i pwomise

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my every thing

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