maybe...time just wasnt enough

the only thing i ask god is why?

why did he make my mom take me by the hand like if  i was a little kid?

i wouldve have meeten him b4 her and i wouldve been wiff him by now

but no time wasn't in my side

any maybe it's that i have to wait

but maybe were just not meant

and i ask my self every day why cant it be me?

why cant it be me holding your hand

kissing you every time i see you

holding you in my arms and never letting you go?

you see i think that probably were perfect for each other

but time was not in our hands

and destiny probably put her before me to get to know you better

but maybe destiny put you with her for a reason

but we cant know because its berly been a week

a week in which i cant live with out your smile

a week like seems like a month

your eyes seeking for me every time after school just makes me feel like you like me back

but maybe i am wrong

and maybe i shouldnt tell you but the truth is that i love you

i love you with a passion

and i know its so quick and youre with her

but ill wait for you right here in this corner

ill wait even if icant take it any more and im crying

ill wait even if its long

i just have never felt this way for anyone in my life

and those green eyes and perfect lips gotta belong to me

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