Untitled -- 6.10.2009

i love you so much

i some times hate you

the way you know my so well

and the way tou hole my hand

but toucht my heart

i talk alot but have nothing to say,

yet you hear what i mean through changes in my tone.

you look at my eyes and see my sould

i love you so much

that my heart hurts to be away

i hate you because you understand and no one ever has

but i love you because you understand when no one ever has

i hate what i have been before

but i love what i am with you

i love you so much

that some times i hate you

may because im afraid of paon

afraid that youll leave me alone

one day and ill be lost

im afraid of my feelings

i havent felt this way before

and i love you

but ihate you because im afraid of these feelings,

before i could run

run away but not today

today i face the emotion

today i look at love in face,

shaking the entire time

because im so nervouce

i love you but i hate you but i love you so much more

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