look at me

look into my eyes

you will find the real me

the one that wants to survive

i want to remain in silence of all my tears

and fears

i want to escape reality thats the reason why i smile

i smile so people cant see me

so people cant see who i really wish to be

no im not happy

nor im sad

im not mad

im just lili

the girl with the smile

the one that wants to smile in the outside

but im also lilian the one that hates

the one thats drugged into the darkness and doesnt know what to do

im lili the happy

im lilian the sad

im lili and lilian i got two personalities cant you see?!

this is not what i wanted

i want to be one

but this double personality is just so hard to stand

im the girl in the happy colors

im the girl in the dark colors

look at me and see who i really am

cause looks may really fool you...

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