maybe someday

maybe some day I’ll be yours

but for right now I am his

I am sorry but this is reality

I wish I was holding you

But he is the one waiting outside the door

He is my love

The person I want

Maybe someday we’ll be together

But for right now my body is his

All I can say is you’re my friend

A friend I don’t want to loose

And surely my heart loves you

But it cant love you like that right now

You knew since the beginning

That I was already taken

You knew that I was in love

And that he was my only one

Yes you are my dream guy

That I can’t have

But we gotta learn that this is too hard

And maybe some day you’ll be mine

But for right now you are my friend

For right now I belong to him

I am sorry but I love you

And some day well be together

But he is my every thing right now

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