i wont give up on you!

so want to know why im not givin up?

well ill tell you why

im not givin up because you're smile keeps me alive

because i cant imagine being with out you

i cant stop loving you

because you're on my mind all day long

and probably it shouldnt be like this

but i love you

i simply just am in love with you

so im not givin up

i am not!

you're every thing to me

from the moment i saw you

to when you talked to me and i learned you

i cant be with out you

even just one day

i cant stop thinking about you

its just so hard it pains

you make me feel different

you make me feel loved

you make me feel like every thing is alright

icant be mad at you

i cant hate you

because i think of you

and every thing turns good

so i cant give up on you

because thinking of you with some one else just breaks my heart so bad

so stay near me

dont let me go

because if you do ill drown

ill drown in my own tears

and i can honestly say that this crush is more than a crush

it's love.....

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to my crush

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