Just another strange poem.

For when we sat together

Drowning in our silence

Wishing for an end

To an everlasting tunnel

Walking down the street

Never would we stop and think

About what was to come

This storybook can’t last forever

As you lay dieing here

The silence comes again

When asked if I should leave you

Or stay and die in pain

What were your last wishes

If you never told a soul

And who would ever remember

How it used to be

For I took myself to safety

Nothing for you I could do

But sit and think

Of that storybook

The grieving lasts for months

Then onto another stage

You’re just a blur

At the back of my mind

I know we always thought

But never did we tell

Our wishes for the end

The storybook’s magic spell

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Lucas Annunziata's picture

You have a very unique style of writing to convey your thoughts. I dont understand how it works, or if anyone else could mimic it if they tried, but it is very interesting and would like to see more poetry from you.